About us

Ian Flannigan

Ian Flannigan is the founder of Freedom Investing Academy and cofounder of Golden Falls Properties, LP and at present manages 10-15 transactions per month leveraging debt on deals without utilizing any of his own money.

Flannigan grew up in Texas and is a natural born artist in all facets of life.  He studied music in college and shortly after pursued a career in hairdressing reaching the top of his industry.  Since a young age, Flannigan had an entrepreneurial spirit, constantly pursuing his own endeavors to much success.  For the past eight years, he has been creatively buying and selling single family homes expanding his brand into a business consultant and personal coach.

Flannigan is an expert in market segmentation for maximum cash flow with low risk employing his extensive background and education in seller financing, high yield notes, pre-foreclosures, subject to buying, as well as wholesaling & renovating properties for maximum profits.

Freedom Investing Academy is dedicated to helping aspiring and experienced investors get off the wholesale/rehab hamster wheel and build a lifestyle business that provides consistent monthly residual cash flow.

To get more information on how to build a lifestyle cash flow business, attend the upcoming free training class with Ian Flannigan